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KSG Safety is the globally respected manufacturer of Labour protection supplies.

KSG Safety is a leading distributor for all your personal protection equipment, Labour protection supplies. We focused on innovation and quality, we have invested in testing and R&D facility,when we start developing a glove, we base it on hard research and analysis by standing on the user’s position to see ...

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Main labor protection supplies

KSG Safety is the leading distributor of all your personal protective equipment and labor protection supplies. We focus on innovation and quality.

Four automatic production lines

We have 4 fully automatic production lines with a daily output of 120,000 pairs. Each line has 180 meters for production, 150 meters for drying. This means we have plenty of time to dry the gloves at a low temperature.

Products are sold all over the world

Our products are sold all over the world and exported to more than 30 countries. Now we have been working with many famous companies for many years, mainly from Europe, so our quality and size are based on European standards.

Committed to research and development of innovative products and brand services

KINGSIU is a leader and reliable supplier in the field of safety gloves in China, providing customized safety gloves and KINGSIU's patented products to customers around the world.

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News and information
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